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FULGOR is edited by:


  • Professor Diana Glenn (Dean, People and Resources in the College of HASS, Professor of Italian, Flinders University) and

  • Associate Professor Eric Bouvet (Teaching Program Director in the College of HASS, Associate Professor of French, Flinders University).


The composition of the Editorial Board and Advisory Board reflects the research interests of staff in Languages and Applied Linguistics at Flinders University. The Board is made up of members with expertise in the following fields:

  • French Studies

  • Italian Studies

  • Modern Greek Studies

  • Spanish Studies

  • Applied Linguistics

  • Language Education

  • Migration Studies

Composition of Editorial Board:

  • Ms Margaret Baker

  • Assoc. Prof. Eric Bouvet (Co-Editor)

  • Dr Elizabeth Close

  • Dr Flavia Coassin

  • Em. Prof. Trevor Fennell

  • Prof. Diana Glenn (Co-Editor)

  • Dr Maria-Luz Long

  • Dr Maria Elena Lorenzin

  • Dr Colette Mrowa-Hopkins

  • Prof. Desmond O'Connor 

  • Dr Antonella Strambi

  • Dr Jeff Gil

Composition of Advisory Board:

  • Em. Prof. Trevor Fennell (Flinders University)

  • Dr Raffaele Lampugnani (Monash University)

  • Prof. Marie-Noelle Lamy

  • Prof. Robert Pascoe (Victoria University)

  • Prof. Chris Perriam (University of Newcastle)

  • Em. Prof. John Scott (University of Western Australia)

  • Prof. Colin Nettelbeck (University of Melbourne)

  • Em. Prof. Graham Tulloch (Flinders University)

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